Scholarships Make Gemiini Available to Everyone

Scholarships Make Gemiini Available to Everyone

Gemiini was started with a simple belief:

That no one should be excluded because of the inability to pay.

Gemiini pricing is a moral and ethical decision, not a business decision. Founders Brian and Laura Kasbar believe that children always come first and, because of this belief, generous scholarships are available that make Gemiini affordable in all financial situations.

The company was founded in love and passion to help children and will remain true to these principles as it brings language and reading to children across the globe.

Raising a child (or children) who need additional help and extra therapy can be exceptionally expensive. Therapy sessions, special diets, doctor appointments… they can all add up to create real hardship on families.

If you or someone you know is hesitant to try Gemiini because of cost, please apply for a scholarship. You may qualify if your family is currently on Public Assistance or is experiencing at least one of the following:

  • receiving food stamps or reduced school lunch
  • has a breadwinner whom is unemployed
  • receiving monthly charitable assistance

Even if the standard monthly cost just doesn't fit your family's budget, Gemiini will work with you to find a price that does.

Gemiini has been scientifically proven over and over again. It's convenient because it can be done at home, it's effective, and, most of all, it's available to anyone who needs it.

Check out the Tuition and Scholarships page and apply today.