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Dear Ms. Dutton,

I wanted to write a letter of support for the GemIIni program. We have begun using GemIIni at Eden in our clinical practice and we have included it in several research projects.

GemIIni has been used to teach language to students in our school. To give background, most of the students we work with at Eden have severe cognitive impairments to accompany their behavioral challenges; it can take six months for a student to master a new skill. We have found that the GemIIni videos work really well for approximately 2/3 of the students, and students who are using GemIIni have mastered words after three to seven video modeling sessions. Each session includes viewing videos 10 times. This is a substantial acceleration in language acquisition rates for these children.

We have recommended GemIIni’s use in two university studies on video modeling and have recommended it as the basis of a senior thesis for a student at Princeton University. We will also be participating in a study run by Dr. Mark Derby at Gonzaga University that will trial GemIIni in the Spokane, Washington public schools and with students who are currently being served at Eden Institute.

While we understand every therapy center will conduct its own evaluation, our team here at Eden sees GemIIni as a promising clinical tool that should be seriously considered for inclusion in your practice.


Larissa A. Morlock PhD, NCSP
Assistant Director of Research
Eden Autism Services
609-987-0099 ext. 4011